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Pareja joven abrazando


according to Intimacy Directors and Coordinators

We advocate for actors' safety when rehearsing and filming intimate scenes.

We make sure that everyone involved in the filming of a scene sets their own boundaries and that said boundaries are respected. 

We advocate for consent-forward practices and trauma-informed communication (incl. non-violent) communication.​

We advocate for anti-racism and EDI practices. 

We advocate for diverse representations of intimacy and take on the responsibility when it comes to underrepresented communities or historically stereotyped minorities.


We liaise with all departments involved in live performing or filming an intimate scene to ensure the safest and most efficient and processes and best results.

These departments include professionals such as:

- Actors, dancers, singers, performers (and their agents); directors; writers; producers.

But also people operating in the following departments:

- Deputy stage managers, stage managers; costume and stage designers; camera departments; production designers; wardrobe; camera crew; sound and light technicians; stage technicians... and all their assistants, who do invaluable work.


We come up with choreography for the performers. 

Choreography needs to... 
a) be based on freely given and reversable consent of each performer
b) be repeatable
c) incorporate all other C's  (see the five pillars of intimacy coordination)

We choreograph collaboratively with the performer and incorporate the performers' ideas in the final scene. We aim to fulfill the director's vision and work closely with them while respecting the performers' boundaries.

Choreographies are built with different ingredients, a bit

like a favourite recipe for a beautifully layered cake.

What are the five pillars of IC and ID?

You might have heard of the five pillars of Intimacy Coordination/Direction - or not, but here they are as proposed by Intimacy Directors and Coordinators

​1. Consent

2. Communication

3. Context

4. Choreography

5. Closure

Pareja, en cama


Intimacy is a complex and multifaceted concept that can encompass a variety of different behaviors, actions, and emotional states. At its most basic level, intimacy refers to a sense of closeness, trust, and vulnerability. This can manifest in a number of different ways, including:
In the context of an intimacy coordinator and direction, the focus lies primarily on physical and/or sexual intimacy and creating a safe and respectful environment for actors and performers to engage in intimate scenes on stage or on screen. The IC/ ID helps to choreograph and direct these scenes, ensuring that boundaries are respected, communication is clear, and actors feel empowered and supported throughout the process. They become active and consenting agents rather than passive or objectified non-subjects.
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