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Pareja romantica


We offer two key services, Intimacy Coordination and Intimacy Direction. Get in touch to book a trained IC/ID via the contact form below.
Image by Taylor Deas-Melesh


Intimacy Coordination for Film/Television

We offer Intimacy Coordination for films dealing
with the following forms of intimacy:

- intimate scenes between love interests both in heterosexual and LGBTQIA+ relationships 

- scenes involving sexual physical touch like cuddling, petting, kissing

- scenes involving penetrative and non-penetrative sex

- scenes of domestic violence incl. sexual violence 

- scenes involving non-sexual physical touch like cuddling,

   kissing, holding between non-romantic/non-sexual partners
- scenes of intimate violence between non-romantic/

   non-sexual partners
- scenes involving partial or full nudity

- scenes involving breast-feeding, menstruation, incontinence

Bailarín de ballet Duo


Intimacy Direction for Live Performance

We also offer the same services  as mentioned above for theatre and live performance productions.

Our team is trained to provide guidance and support throughout the entire production process, from script analysis and rehearsals to performances and post-show evaluations.With a deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities presented by live performance, we work closely with directors, actors, and production teams to create safe and impactful moments of intimacy on stage. We are dedicated to helping productions create authentic moments that are both powerful and respectful, while ensuring the safety of everyone involved.


Pareja romantica

Good to know

If you are unsure whether or not you need an Intimacy Coordinator/Director, you can book a first consultation for script analysis and risk assessment and we will advise you honestly whether or not you will need an IC/ID for your production based on our evaluation.

Furthermore, we offer workshops to introduce cast and crew, theatre groups/companies or acting, opera, dance or performance students to Intimacy work, trauma-informed communication and consent-forward practices to create brave and safe spaces in rehearsal rooms and on film sets. 



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