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Pareja enamorada


From start to finish, we're there to help you through
every stage of your production.

Pre-production phase

  • During the pre-production phase, the IC or ID liaises first with the producer and director. Organisation of rehearsal and shooting dates.

  • Script analysis: all intimate moments featured in the script are carefully assessed and a first draft oft the Intimacy Ryder is created to give an overview over the actors and types of intimacy involved.

  • We establish a communication channel that facilitates discussions about intimate content between the production team and other departments, such as wardrobe, stage/production design or camera and manage the necessary conversations with those departments.

  • We do extensive research on the topic, time and space in which the story is told and the type of intimacy that will be represented. 

  • We have conversations with the director about their vision and potentially also with the cinematographer about the technicalities of the shoot. 

Image by Sinitta Leunen
Image by Priscilla Du Preez


Production: Rehearsals

  • Workshop including boundary practice with actors

  • Rehearsing with director present if wished so; during the rehearsal time the vision of the director is tailored to be expressed within the boundaries and consent of the actors.

  •  Provide an opportunity to explore different ways of expressing intimacy, allowing for smoother and safer filming on the day of shooting.

  • We come up with the final intimacy choreography and back-up plan should the consent or boundaries have shifted until the day of shooting.

  • We teach the cast various choreography techniques to achieve authentic and realistic results.

  • We include masking techniques, intimacy garments and barriers while exploring opportunities that the cinematography offers.

  • We work with various departments to address the technical requirements of the scene.

  • We ensure compliance with safety protocols.


  • If pre-production and rehearsal have already taken place, our presence on set can ensure the satisfaction of everyone involved with the final product.

  • We collaborate with departments to meet each scene's technical requirements.

  • We provide support to the artistic team during filming, responding to any needs or issues that arise.

  • We manage physical barriers and technical details for realism while protecting the cast. We also coordinate with the costume team for performer safety.

Pies del par en la cama
Primer plano, retrato
Primer plano, retrato



If desired, we can continue monitoring the production through post-production to ensure that reduced equipment protocols are followed during the editing process and that any limits agreed upon with the actors are respected in the final product.

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