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An intimacy coordinator/director is a specialist for the

depiction and creation of intimate moments in film,

television and performance. Fundamentally both Intimacy Coordinators (ICs) and Intimacy Directors (IDs) serve the same purpose, namely to advocate for actors's safety and respect of their boundaries when working on intimate scenes.

Read more about what Intimacy Coordinators/Directors

(Intimitätskoordinatoren) do and don't do, and what the foundations of intimacy work for stage and screen consist of.


At ICDS we work hard to continue our education as Intimacy professionals and

hope to make Intimacy Coordination/ Direction and its many benefits more widely known in Switzerland. 

Ximena Sánchez (she/her)

Intimacy Coordinator in training, Mental Health Ambassador

Ximena is a producer and intimacy coach in training. She studied film and television directing at the National University of Córdoba, Argentina, and has attended masterclasses with Ricky Ceballos at Real Theater, and with the independent collective Cirulaxia in Córdoba. In subsequent years, she refined her acting through classes in South Beach, Miami, and with Binario 7 in Monza, Italy. Ximena is an Intimacy Coordinator in training and a certified Mental Health First Aider with a focus on Adults (certification by Ensa - Swiss Foundation Pro Mente Sana). Ximena is the resident Intimacy Director of Copper Tongues Theater.


Désirée Wenger (she/her)

Intimacy Coordinator in training, Consent-Forward Artist

Désirée is a director, writer, and theater teacher. She studied French and English literature and linguistics at the Universities of Zurich and Lausanne, and holds a Master of Arts in Theater Directing from Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts in London, completed in 2021, where she wrote her thesis about Intimacy Direction for Intimate Violence. After her studies, she worked as assistant director at Schauspiel Bern, and is training as an intimacy coordinator while also pursuing various projects of academic and creative writing. Désirée currently works as a theater teacher at KinderJugendTheater in Zurich, is directing a showcase for her theatre company Copper Tongues Theater and is the intimacy coordinator for the short What the Heart Needs.


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